Monday, December 19, 2011

When to Use a Police Bullet Proof Vest?

The police officers will be totally safe if each one of them is always wearing a police bullet proof vest on their daily tasks. However, the police officers wear only their bullet proof vests when they are going somewhere. On a regular day, their protective vests are stocked in their lockers or at the supply room. So, if they are not wearing the protective vests every day, when do they usually wear a police bullet proof vest?

A police officer wears a police bullet proof vest when he is going to a dangerous operation. This operation can lead to exchange of gun shots if things get worse. Thus, the ballistic vest is really needed. Examples of these dangerous operations include catching a high-profile criminal, raiding a drug house and other illegal establishments, saving hostages from kidnappers or robbers, and others. If the police officer is not wearing a police bullet proof vest on these operations, he or she could be shot and that might cause a severe injury to him or her or even cause his or her death.

A police bullet proof vest is also worn when the police officer is working as an undercover agent. But this time, the concealable bullet proof vest is used so that the officer can trick his or her target. Normally, as an undercover agent, a police officer needs to act like he is a civilian. In order to protect himself, he should wear a police bullet proof vest.

A police officer should also wear a police bullet proof vest when escorting VIPs such as the high-ranking officials of the country. Sometimes, these officials are the target of assassination. When a police officer is assigned to escort that VIP, his or her life may be in danger as well. And, as an escort, it is his or her duty to risk his or her life. For protection, a police bullet proof vest must be worn.

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