Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting to Know the Executive Police Bullet Proof Vest

The ordinary police bullet proof vest provides sufficient protection to the police officer. However, it cannot protect the officer’s life from high-powered guns. The manufacturers of the bullet proof vest designed a strong and flexible ballistic vest that can stop bullets from high-powered guns. These improved and stronger police bullet proof vest are known as the executive bullet proof vests.

The executive police bullet proof vest is designed to be stronger and more flexible than the ordinary body armors. Aside from that, this type of body armor is designed to be more stylish or fashionable. It is highly concealable that one can barely notice it whether you are wearing one or not. It is made more comfortable and lighter as well, so that a police officer can wear it at the office if the situation requires it. The police officer can wear this and then just cover it with his or her uniform, and everything is unnoticeable.

The greatest advantage that the executive police bullet proof vest has is its protection level. An ordinary armor provides protection only for your front and upper body. The executive bullet proof vest, on the other hand, has an added protection: the side protection. Thus, it can protect the user’s front, back, and side. Also, an anti-stab panel is added to stop knives and other sharp materials from hurting the wearer’s body. Moreover, the executive ballistic vest is equipped with a removable exterior shell. This shell can be installed as an additional layer to the bullet proof vest. If the user wants to be more secured, he or she can add the exterior shell. This exterior shell can be removed so that the wearer can wash and clean it if needed. The user can also buy another exterior shell so that while the other shell is being washed, he can attach the other exterior shell to the police bullet proof vest for added protection.

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