Monday, December 19, 2011

Things to Be Improved for a Police Bullet Proof Vest

Is there still a room for improvement for the police bullet proofvest that is available today? Yes, there is. The bullet proof vests today, although they are satisfying, are not yet perfect. They still need to be improved so that they can be comfortable and flexible for the user. So, in what areas are they supposed to be improved?

The first thing that must be improved for the police bullet proof vest is the weight. The soft body armors are indeed lightweight, however, for the hard body armors; they still need to be improved for them to become lighter. The weight factor is very crucial for the hard-body armors. The hard armor police bullet proof vest is used for highly dangerous operations. It can indeed protect the wearer from high-powered rifle and gun shots, but it limits the movement of the user. For example, in terms of speed given a specific time frame, instead of running quickly to the farthest post, the police officer wearing the heavy bullet proof vest may be able to run only to the middle post given that time frame.

The police bullet proof vest must be improved as well to make the user more comfortable during warm weathers. Because the ballistic vest is a little bit thick, it can add heat to the wearer’s body during a warm condition. Too much heat can make the wearer uncomfortable and if the wearer can no longer bear it, he or she might remove the police bullet proof vest, thus, putting his or her life in danger.

With regards to the protection level, the police bullet proof vest today seems to be okay. There are bullet proof vests that are available for small firearms and guns, while there are police bullet proof vest that offers protection as well from high-powered guns such as the rifles and others.

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