Monday, December 19, 2011

Police Bullet Proof Vest- A Must to All Police Officers

One of the things that a police officer must have is the policebullet proof vest. The human body is very sensitive to bullet shots and other harms from deadly weapons such as the knives. As a law enforcer and a peace keeper, it is expected from a police officer to be always in danger. He or she may be staying in the office for paper works, but as an active office, most of his or her time will be spent outside maintaining the peace and order of the community.

Basically, there are four things that are always carried by a police officer. They are the standard police issue hand gun, police issue tasers, police handcuffs, and the most important thing, the police bullet proof vest. The hand gun is used in case the police officer needs to fire to stop or control the situation. The taser, on the other hand, is an electroshock weapon that is used to neutralize the suspect. The police handcuffs are used to lock the suspect and prevent them from escaping. Lastly, the police bullet proof vest is used to protect the life of the officer in case there is a shooting incident.

Because of the nature of the work of the police officers, every policeman should have a police bullet proof vest. The primary purpose of this bullet proof vest is to keep them safe from bullet shots and stabs. The bullet proof vest should not be issued only to field police officers but to police officers who are assigned in the office too because sometimes, they are unexpectedly pulled out as well to join in a highly dangerous operation. For them to be comfortable, they can use the soft police bullet proof vest because this type of ballistic vest is lighter and more flexible, thus giving them the freedom to move around.

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