Monday, December 19, 2011

Police Bullet Proof Vest- Is it allowed for Civilian-Use?

Before, the use of police bullet proof vest is restricted only to police officers and military officers. The ballistic vests are manufactured strictly for these law enforcers and military organizations. However, because of the need to protect one’s safety, these bullet proof vests are allowed for the public, thus, anyone who can afford it, can buy it.
The police bullet proof vest can be used also by civilians for protection purposes. The common civilian users of this ballistic vest are the politicians, taxi drivers, businessmen, journalists, and those who are involved in a recreational hunting. There are sports as well that requires the use of the police bullet proof vest, thus, the players are allowed to use these protection vests.
However, there is a law that limits the user of the police bullet proof vest. The law prohibits those who have criminal past from buying and using a protective vest. It is also illegal to use a protective vest if one is attempting to do any crime. If the authority found out that a person is wearing a police bullet proof vest while doing a crime, the punishment will be harsher. For example, if one is caught wearing a protective vest while attempting to kill somebody, instead of 5 years in jail, his punishment may be 10 years in jail plus a certain amount of money.
There is indeed a law that regulates the sale of the police bullet proof vest. The problem is that this law is not strictly implemented. There is no background check required for the buyer, thus, the seller cannot determine if he or she has a clean criminal record. As a result, the seller will always end up assuming that the buyer will use ballistic vest for legal purposes. Because the background of the buyer of the police bullet proof vest is not verified, the faith system between the seller and the buyer is used.

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