Monday, December 19, 2011

The Spectra Shield Police Bullet Proof Vest

There are different types of materials used in making a police bulletproof vest. The first materials to be used in body armors are skin animals, followed by metal plates. However, these materials are very heavy, thus making the wearer uncomfortable. The first synthetic fiber was then discovered, the Kevlar. The Kevlar fiber became the foundation of ballistic vests. After some time, more and more synthetic fibers for police bullet proof vest are discovered, and one of them is the Spectra Shield.

The Spectra Shield police bullet proof vest was first made by AlliedSignal. Because of its strength and lightweight, this material has been used in the construction of military personnel and law enforcer’s bullet proof vest and other ballistic materials. The innovation of the Spectra Shield police bullet proof vest did not stop. Throughout the years, other Spectra Shield II product lines are released.
These are the improved product lines of the Spectra Shield police bullet proof vest:

  • ·         SR-3124- The SR-3224 hard armor police bullet proof vest uses the high-strength fiber Spectra 3000 in its construction. Because of the strength of this fiber, this ballistic vest offers a high-level protection. Aside from being used in bullet proof vests, Spectra 3000 fiber is also used in breast plates and vehicle applications.
  • ·         SA-3118 and SA-3113- The SA-3118 and SA-3113 are used for soft armor police bullet proof vest. These materials are known to be the best in police and military bullet proof vest applications. These two product lines offer different qualities but they can be combined to provide the best comfort. The SA-3113 is known for its flexibility and comfort while the SA-3118 is known for its ballistic performance. Thus, when these two are used together in a police bullet proof vest, a high level of performance is attained.
  • ·         SA-1211- The SA-1211 is commonly used in the most demanding police bullet proof vest. This material used for police bullet proof vest offers comfort and flexibility to the wearer, while offering excellent ballistic performance.

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